The Masterpiece AKA the Stockholm Metro [Sweden]

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Please don’t laugh… but the main reason why I always wanted to visit Stockholm was to see its magnificent metro stations. And in my last day that’s exactly what I did!

The Stockholm metro system is believed to be the world’s longest art exhibit due to its 110 kilometers long radius. Since 1957 artists have been involved in the creation and development of new metro station. On top of that, the older station have been updated with art installations. Needless to say, a simple metro ride in Stockholm is so much more than that.

With tons of enthusiasm and a map I boarded the metro train and here are my stops.

Rådhuset metro station

Opened in 1975, the Rådhuset metro station was named after the court house which stands above it. The artist behind its design is Sigvard Olsson who chose this shade of pink specifically because, according to him, this shade of pink can only be found in the North African Atlas Mountains and in the mountains below Stockholm Court House.

Kungsträdgården metro station

Kungsträdgården is the deepest metro station in Stockholm, about 40 meters deep. The name “Kungsträdgården” (means Kings Garden in English) comes from the park located just above the station which might also be reason for the green color of the station. The artist behind Kungsträdgården station is Ulrik Samuelson who got inspired by the baroque garden that Kungsträdgården once was.

Stadion metro station

Opened in 1973, the Stadion metro station is one of the most colorful in Stockholm. The station’s artists, Åke Pallarp and Enno Hallek, not only wanted to remind the passengers about the sky above but also to emphasize the Stadion’s significance in sports history. The fact that the main festival area for the Stockholm Pride festival is close by is just a happy coincidence.

Tekniska Högskolan metro station

This metro station serves the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) which was founded in 1827. In 1973 the Institute finally got its own metro station. The design, created by Lennart Mörk, celebrates the scientific advances and discoveries. The most impressive part of the station must be the five regular polyhedra located on the platform, which represents one of Plato’s five elements: fire, water, air, earth, and ether.

Östermalmstorg metro station

Perhaps the station I used the most, Östermalmstorg metro station is the most travelled station overall. The station displays several works of art by different artists which celebrates the work of people working for the environment, women’s rights issues and music.

T-Centralen metro station

T-Centralen station was opened up for usage in 1957 and was the first station to feature artwork. The station was designed by Per Olof Ultvedt with the intend of slowing down the people who would be in a rush. T-Centralen is by far the most recognizable station in Stockholm.

Solna Centrum metro station

Opened in 1975, the Solna Centrum metro station is one of the most beautiful stations and the only one which has a political message. The artists, Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg, chose a bright green and red landscape which is to symbolize the forest and the sunset. While working on the design they realized that the message they were trying to put forward was connected to issues connected to environment, deforestation, and the depopulation of rural areas.

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