Winter Delight: Tallinn Christmas Market [Estonia]

In the past two years, even dreaming of a Christmas market seemed like a distant dream. However, this year I decided that it was worth the risk (if all mandatory precautions are taken) to head towards Tallinn Christmas Market.

In all reality, this place is the closest you can get to be in a fairy tale. Right in the middle of Old Town, in the Town Hall Square of Tallinn, you can find Christmas decorations and lights, Estonian cuisine ( from black pudding to gingerbread), hot drinks and all sorts of handicrafts.

The main attraction of the market is the Christmas tree, which people say it is the most important Christmas tree in Estonia. The tree has been set up in Town Hall Square since 1441, making it the first Christmas tree ever to be put on display in Europe.

Lately, people are claiming that the Christmas Market in Tallinn is the most beautiful in Europe. And I would need to agree. The market is definitely full of a wintery atmosphere.

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