A Bucket List Destination, Delft [The Netherlands]

The first time I heard about Delft was when watching the movie “The Girl With the Pearl Earing” before I even knew who Vermeer, his painting or the city was. And that’s how we got introduced! From that moment on I knew that if I would ever be in the neighborhood I would definitely pop in.

What makes Delft so special? Not only it is world famous for its royal delft blue (yes! it has a shade of color named after it) and its blue and white ceramics ( “Delftware” ) but it is one of the prettiest little towns the Netherlands has to offer. And did I mention that it’s just one hour away from Amsterdam or 10-30 minutes from The Hague (depending if you take the train or the tram)? Yes! This is the best day trip to be made in The Netherlands!

If there is one thing which I love about Delft it’s how compact it is. You can traverse the Old Town in 15 minutes but truth be told this cannot be done since everywhere you look it’s so pretty that you would like to take a picture of everything. The best way to see the city is for sure walking without a map.

Just make your way from the train station straight ahead until you reach the Oude Delft canal and you are in Old Town.

From here, just another 2 minutes away, you can find the Delft Market Square with the Delft City Hall and the New Church Delft, which gave me a bit of anxiety. The reason being that we are supposed to practice social distancing and to keep a 1.5 meters distance and that market was packed. People were conducting their daily business and there was so much street food which smelled so delicious that I almost went for it.

Instead I found Beestenmarkt which felt like such an escape. In the early morning the cafes were just opening up and the trees were rustling in the wind. It really felt like a blissful autumn morning.

Since I was sort of close by I decided to go to Oostport as well. This is the last gate from the medieval defending walls which is still standing. It was actually nice to see how the canals operate as I had to wait several minutes and boats to pass so that the bridge could be lowered again.

From that moment I just started to wander in the streets and enjoy all the narrow paved alleys and bridges. No matter where I turned I just wanted to capture it.

My last stop was the Delft Old Church which, as it happens, was my first stop as well. The Old Church was built in 1246 and it is also called in Dutch the “Oude Jan” or the “Scheve Jan,” which means the Old Jan or the Crooked Jan. And the reason why it’s called crooked is, well, because it is crooked. It is quite visible from outside. The building was secured in 2018 so now it’s less so, but the tilt is still there.

Dear Delft, thank you for hosting me and allowing me to enjoy your prettiness. Until next time!

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