Finding My Happy Place (Again) in Bagan [Myanmar]

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Sleeping in an overnight bus is not fun, but who cares when you might have the chance to arrive in Bagan around 5 am. It was a risk worth taking, because buses in Myanmar are not known for their punctuality.

But, this time the bus was actually earlier and I arrived in Bagan at 4 am. I immediately jumped in a tuk-tuk and went to a place where I could see the sunrise. Nowadays, you cannot climb every pagoda anymore. A couple of them are still opened, but most of them are closed. My tuk-tuk driver took me to one close to Shwesandaw Pagoda, but honestly I cannot remember which one.

After the mandatory shoes and socks off, the night on the bus, I was pretty cold and tired but at one moment I just looked on my right and I saw the hot air balloons lifting quietly in the air.

Sunrise in Bagan is an experience which nobody can describe. I just hope that these photos will do it justice.

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