Stormy Weather at Plitvice Lakes [Croatia]

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Because I did not have time to explore more of Croatia during my backpacking adventure I decided that in one weekend I will just go to Plitvice National Park in order for me to complete the itinerary I had in mind originally. I was so excited when I left home but by the time I reached Plitvice the weather was a lot rainier than I could have anticipated. I was ready for it though – I mean I was ready for some rain. What I could not foresee was that a storm would hit central Croatia – so I visited the national park while pouring rain was coming from above, the wood trail would shake under my feet and the gray sky would be lit by lighting and all you could hear was the rain, the waterfalls and the thunders. But I was determined to finish the trail no matter what.

In case you do not know Plitvice National Park is Croatia’s most popular attraction (and I can vouch for it because with the storm there were hundreds of people in the park) and is one of Europe’s most beautiful natural sights. It has 16 interconnect lakes and 90 waterfalls of different sizes, caves, caverns and a thick forrest.

You can go via the main entrance (because the buses from Zagreb and Zadar stop here) and 20 metres from the gate you will already have a pretty good look at the big waterfall and the lush forrest. So, you know from the very beginning what you are in for.

If you want to go through the entire park you must follow path H. I did path E because under those weather conditions it was the safest one. In this was I managed to see a portion of the lower part and of the upper part.  

Even with the storm you could not resist the sights. The water has the most turquiose color I have ever seen.

If you are ever here just remember to enjoy every minute. This place is just magical.

A one day pass costed in September 110 kunas while a two day pass is 180 kunas. If you have the time I can only recommend you to stay here for 2 days. You have plenty of things to do and multiple hikes.

Being soaked from the rain I was waiting for my bus to go Zagreb and then home. But, due to weather conditions the bus never showed up and I was about to miss my connection from Zagreb to Brno. Thankfully, 50 minutes later another bus arrived who picked up me and my friends, it made up the time to Zagreb, called the bus station to ask for our bus to wait for us for 5 minutes and they did everything possible for us to get there home safely. So, thank you nice people. We are just grateful.

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