Budapest at 5AM: What Goes Around Comes Around

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I left my heart in Budapest in 2010 and since then every other month I go back there to see how it’s doing 🙂 DSC_0007DSC_0999

I arrived in Budapest around 2am totally by accident 🙂 I was supposed to go to Bratislava, Slovakia, but my hotel got cancelled in the last minute, when I was already heading towards there, so I decided to go to Budapest and crash at some friends’ house. I think this is the beauty of traveling in the Central Europe – there’s always a back up plan. But since it was 2am I decided not to bother my friends at that hour and I just walked in the city.


So, after a coffee, some beer with a British couple and then some more coffee I decided to go to the Buda part of the city and enjoy the sunrise. I got to enjoy the city I love all by myself, with no one around. Seeing the light touching one building at a time and the pink sky was payment for my tiredness (as I would keep repeating to myself around 5pm 😀 ). It was an opportunity to see the Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion, especially, completely empty, without the tourists – just the wind.DSC_0032



In my opinion the city is very safe even during the night: everybody was just enjoying their night and no one was bothering me. But I would not recommend this type of adventure if you are the first time in Budapest just because you’d never know.DSC_0116DSC_0131DSC_0132

I really hope I will get to do it again 🙂

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